Since its introduction in 1989, more than 6,000 professional florists world-wide have come to rely on Floracube carriers and inserts to protect their arrangements during transport from their stores to client locations.

The modular nature of the Floracube delivery system is ideal for use in delivery vans and personal vehicles, and its unique use of interchangeable inserts made of rugged soft foam make it ideal for protecting arrangements of all sizes ... ranging from bud vases -- to rose vases -- to wedding pieces. Durable and lightweight, the Floracube modular delivery system saves time by allowing delivery personnel to carry multiple arrangements at once, so they can load delivery vans more quickly and service hospital-type deliveries more efficiently.

Most importantly, they save money and increase customer satisfaction by virtually eliminating damage from swerves, sudden stops, and other traffic emergencies that otherwise reduce florists' profits. Talk with a florist who uses the Floracube modular delivery system; they'll tell you that their Floracube purchase was not an expense but an investment. Better yet, put them to the test in your store operation risk free with our money back satisfaction guarantee!


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