What are the benefits of The Floracube Modular Delivery System?

  • Protection - Snug fitting foam inserts make tipped arrangements and broken flowers a thing of the past, saving money for the prudent florist! The Floracube modular delivery system ensures your customers of designer-fresh creations.
  • Presentation - The quality look of Floracubes presents a professional image to your customers. When you select the Floracube modular delivery system you demonstrate that care is taken in the design and delivery of customer arrangements.
  • Efficiency - Loading delivery vehicles takes less than half the time with Floracube carriers. Delivery time is also reduced at hospitals and other multiple delivery locations.
  • Flexibility - The Floracube modular delivery system protects flowers and upholstery when deliveries must be made in personal cars. There are Floracube inserts to fit virtually
  • Durability - Designed by florists, Floracubes are lightweight yet durable for many years of productive use. The Floracube modular delivery system costs just pennies a day!


5 hints for making your Floracube Modular Delivery System even more productive:


  • Use our non-slip mats if sliding is a problem in your delivery vehicle.

  • Experiment with various inserts to see which inserts are best for your containers. When using unusually tall, top-heavy containers or pedestals, consider using our extra tall inserts or using two inserts "top stacked" for extra protection.

  • Remove the foam inserts from plastic carriers and let them "air out" after use. This will extend the life of the inserts and prevent odor build up. Inserts can also be washed by hand or in large washers. (We do not recommend using detergent). Remove excess water by using the spin cycle and let air dry.

  • Save the foam "plug cutouts". These make excellent wedges for odd-shaped containers. For example, the plugs from the S450 and S500 inserts can be used to secure other arrangements.